The Federal Statistical Office writes:

Active aging means that people have the opportunity to maintain their health as they grow older, to participate in their social environment, to ensure their personal security and thus improve their quality of life (WHO, 2002).

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has created an Active Aging Index AAI. It shows the extent to which older people's potential is being realized in three different areas: employment, social participation and independent living. The AAI also includes a fourth domain that goes beyond actual active aging experiences. It captures the differences between countries regarding the situation of their elderly population and the creation of a favorable environment for active ageing.

What does active aging mean to you, dear reader? How does that express itself for you?

My personal definition goes something like this:

  • Continued strong curiosity about everything around.
  • The need not to let the adversities of aging slow you down.
  • Empathy and openness towards people.
  • Lifelong learning.

With this in mind: let's look forward to active aging!



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