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Skilled business and new technologies development manager and project manager for Pharma, Biotech, Non-Pharma/Performance Chemicals in domestic and international markets (focus US, Japan). Worked for medium-sized enterprises (SMEs/Dottikon ES) for 27 years - started as head of R&D lab, assumed responsibility for US rep. office, became COO of Dottikon ES America. Profound experience in performance chemicals and supply chain management.
Meine Dienstleistungen:
Berufliche Stationen:
COO Dottikon ES America, Head of New Technologies, Performance Chemicals Business Development, Project Managent
Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis, 2010 - 2021, Chemie / Pharma / Medizinaltechnik
 2002 ( -2010) Promotion to Head of Rep. Office North America to become responsible for DOTTIKON US’ business the next nine years
 2012 I became part of the newly formed Performance Chemicals team
 2010 - 2021 My responsibilities changed from commercial business development to a technical BD role and I was promoted to Director, Technologies Development. In this position I was responsible for all technical aspects of business development and supported DOTTIKON’s Business Development Managers as well as the Performance Chemicals team until September 2021. In this role I have
 Conducted surveys of pharma/biotech pipelines and based on the results prepared customized presentations as support of business development
 Screened chemical and other target industries for applications of DOTTIKON Performance Chemicals products
 Analyzed DOTTIKON’s competitor landscape on behalf of the senior management
 As a member of a team responsible for supply risk mitigation strategy I have evaluated potential alternative suppliers of raw materials and registered starting materials from vendors located outside of China (North America, the EU, Switzerland, Japan, and India)
 Performed literature and patent search as preparation of project assessments and for writing of project proposals for DOTTIKON customers
 Supported the R&D in new synthetic route evaluation
 Performed non-quality supplier audits
 1996 - 2021 Presentation of DOTTIKON on international pharma and chemical/industrial shows and during customer visits either on-site, or at customer’s premises in Europe, Japan, and the USA
 2012 – 2021 COO of Dottikon ES America, Inc.
Perfect speaking, writing, and negotiating skills in
Czech (1st mother language), German (2nd mother language), English
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
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