Stefan Kaister, a senior worker with rough edges

We founded the O€CO SME network almost 10 years ago and I have been President of the association since 2015. The association sees itself as a think tank for everyone who values a sustainable environmental, energy and economic policy: SMEs, associations, administrations, institutions, politicians and the public. The purpose of the association is to promote an ecological and liberal economic policy through a broad, [...]

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Unpaid work is worth 408 billion francs

Somewhere, I can't remember when, I stumbled across the following statement: "Care work: 61% women and 39% men do care work. A total of 9.02 billion hours are performed annually. This is equivalent to 408 billion Swiss francs! Only 7.9 billion hours are spent on paid work." While researching this statement, I came across a publication by the [...]

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