Success story: Childcare


Childcare by senior citizens in daycare centers - how intergenerational integration works

At the "Fugu" crèche in Zurich, the working hours for senior citizens can vary between 1.5 and 6 hours. The person in question is not considered a full-time employee. However, they always attend the crèche on the same day at the same time. No pedagogical knowledge is expected. Changing nappies, giving medication, picking up and dropping off children and going to bed with the children is reserved for the specialist staff. However, they are allowed to do handicrafts, sing, dance, go for walks and give meals.

Both benefit: Children come into contact with older people and senior citizens gain an insight into the world of children. In particular, children who no longer have grandparents or rarely see them find access and dialog with older people. From this relationship, the child gains confidence in life and self-confidence.

For older people, the relationship with the toddler is important and a joy because they have someone to whom they can relate and pass on their experiences and knowledge. It also brings back many memories of their own childhood, which becomes increasingly important in old age and is relevant for intergenerational integration.


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