Advantages of Senior Talents

Sonja Rieder

There are many good reasons to hire older employees. Unfortunately, some companies are still reluctant to do so. Career consultant and former HR manager Sonja Rieder explains why age discrimination is no longer in keeping with the times.

Sorry, but you cost too much." - If you talk to older people about their job search experiences, this seems to be the most common argument for rejection. The clients of career consultant Sonja Rieder often hear this too. As a former HR manager, she is familiar with the corporate side and knows what advantages older employees bring and why they outweigh higher costs.

The problem starts with the definition of "old", explains Rieder. "Compared to life expectancy, there is unfortunately an absolute age limit in the world of work. outdated definition of 'old'. Someone who is in their forties or fifties today can in no way be described as old. In some sectors, such as the advertising industry, you are considered old even from the age of 30. This view has nothing to do with the reality of life." The attitude towards people's age should therefore change fundamentally - according to the Equal Treatment Act Discrimination on the basis of age prohibited anyway.

Why you should hire more older employees

What the application process should actually be about are Professional qualification and personal Team-fit. Does the person fit professionally and personally? There are even professions in which the Age is an advantage The consultant emphasizes: "In areas such as coaching and counselling, psychology, psychotherapy or very complex professions, you need people with a lot of experience." The Experience is, according to Rieder, the best argument for hiring older employees.

Experience, stability, diversity: the advantages of age

This is not just about professional experience, but also about Life experience. This is very often underestimated, says Rieder: "At an older age you know yourself much betterYou know how to assess yourself better when you have more life experience. Someone in their fifties also has the Time to try things outwhich is normal in your twenties and thirties, is usually already behind you." This offers a certain Planning security for companies. The likelihood that an older employee will change jobs again after two or three years is lower, and so are the turnover costs

"Older people can be wonderful mentors and help train younger people."

Sonja Rieder knows that older employees are particularly valuable in combination with younger ones. "They can make wonderful Mentors and help train younger employees. Older employees share their Knowledge often very generous with others, from which the less experienced benefit immensely. At the same time, older people can learn a lot from their younger colleagues. Here comes the big issue of "Diversity", which is very important to many companies, comes into play. A high Mixing ages is very good for teams."

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