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Retired specialists offer short-term support - a problem in accounting is solved quickly and easily

Christian is a self-employed insurance broker. Although he has very little time, he does his own bookkeeping. When Christian wanted to prepare the annual financial statements, many question marks arose. Preparing a balance sheet seemed more complex than expected. As an accounting layman, Christian was reliant on external support from an expert. But who was so knowledgeable and had time to spare? It quickly became clear that a retired accountant could help. Thanks to seniors@work, Christian got in touch with Stefan. Stefan was not only able to answer all the questions - he also passed on his knowledge so that Christian could learn from him and prepare his own balance sheet next time. And if difficulties should arise again, Christian has a competent contact person who will be happy to help him. 

Christian, what were the three most important arguments for you to become a senior citizen?

1. time flexibility and short-term nature: The most important thing for me was that I was able to hire someone at short notice. Stefan was very flexible and the collaboration was quick and uncomplicated. 

2. experience and expertise: It was crucial for me that someone with the relevant experience and expertise would help me. Stefan not only solved my problem, he also gave me lots of tips and taught me how to do it myself next time. 

3. the simplicity of the platform: seniors@work enabled me to find competent support quickly and easily. I don't know where else I could have found such an experienced accountant in such a short time.

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