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Operational support for start-ups - Senior Talents actively help with daily tasks

Like so many start-ups, we at seniors@work have very limited resources. For example, we cannot afford to create a full-time position for many functions. Apart from that, we don't need a 100%ig accountant - just as an example. We just need someone to give us good advice and support from time to time. 

The solution: senior citizens like Ralph, Beatrice and Werner are part of our team. They not only pass on their experience and knowledge, they also actively support us in our operational business. Ralph is responsible for our bookkeeping, Beatrice writes crisp texts for our social media presence and Werner advises us on strategic issues and sometimes picks up the phone himself to convince potential customers or partner organizations of our concept. 

We are convinced that seniors represent a huge added value for start-ups. Seniors are not only professionally competent, they are also very flexible, motivated and bring calm to the dynamic and fast-paced everyday life of a start-up with their experience and level-headedness.

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